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We currently have positions open for social media leads, contributors, a marketing lead, a fundraising lead, and design leads. These are rolling applications and positions will remain open until filled. 

More information about each position is below.

Social Media Lead

Social Media Leads will be responsible for writing, planning, and scheduling social media features and posts. Social Media Leads will also work with our founder on strategy.


Contributors will be responsible for writing one article every two weeks for our site, and will be expected to attend one meeting every two weeks as well.

Marketing Lead

The Marketing Lead will lead on strategy for networking and publicizing our work, campaigns, merch, and brand in general.

Fundraising Lead

The Fundraising Lead will lead on strategy for fundraising efforts, plan campaigns, work with design leads on merch campaigns, and come up with new ideas on how to raise money in order to produce our site and brand.

Design Leads

Design Leads will be responsible for designing merch and helping to create, continually update, and manage our online store. In addition, design leads will be responsible for designing logos for campaigns and advising on the design of our website.

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